How to get your boss to open his pay.

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People have been asking us for an easy way to break the ice with their bosses about sharing a % of their pay. If your boss is like most, he may not get it right away.  No worries. We’ve noticed earners get it quickly, but sometimes super earners take longer. To help him get up to speed; first, take 1 minute to sign up at right – because your boss will probably only do it if people around him are –  then, hang this poster up in your cubicle, or some place where he’ll see it. If he asks, “Why would I want to do this?”, smile and say “Because it’s good to share!“, and send him to this link.

If you earn more than $325K in the US, you’re among the top 1% of earners, what we call, a  super earner. As a group, super earners take home 23.5 % of all  pay , up from 9% 30 years ago. Many of your fellow earners, those in the bottom 99%, think you should share some of your pay.

Openyear recommends a minimum 3% contribution of your pay (Open Pay).  A portion of which will go directly to any earner who influences you, the rest will be added to Openyear revenues to provide all earners with a small % of their pay that they will use to reward other earners who influence them. Here’s why you should do it.

get the poster

1. Get a social responsibility rating (like a credit rating), which makes your reputation for “walking the talk” of fair play real. This means better morale inside your business, and an easier time recruiting and keeping talent, resulting in a more competitive organization.

2. Get help with your agenda. There’s more smart people outside your company than inside your company. People are more likely to  help when they know they’re guaranteed to be paid should they influence you, or any other super earner.

3. Build a faster growing economy. More money in more hands creates markets. People in the bottom 99% can better afford to buy what you’re selling.

4. Reduce violence and criminality. What’s peace of mind worth? In other countries with higher inequality than the US, the rich need bodyguards, armored cars and super secure homes.

5. Put your charitable dollars to, arguably, its most effective use, as inequality touches on so many different problems, from childhood well being and life expectancy to the strength of democracies.

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