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The global economic system will encourage individuals, businesses and institutions to share their prosperity and participate actively in bringing prosperity to others, making Income Inequality an irrelevant issue. Unemployment and welfare will be unheard of.”

Muhammad Yunus

Sounds good, doesn’t it? At Openyear we believe that what goes around, comes around. So, to get there globally, we have to make prosperity reciprocity so easy that it becomes viral. We’re working on economic technologies that make prosperity more likely, by reducing our risks of extreme inequality and unemployment, just as we now create green technologies that make stability more likely by reducing our risk of global warming.

Not only have we been influenced by Muhammad Yunus, but also by super earners – those in the top 1% of earning – who get it, and have opened their pay up, on their own, to earners – those in the bottom 99% of earning; allowing them to share in some of their upside.

Our first service, Open Pay is still in development. When ready it will make sharing the wealth easy enough for anyone to do. Basically Open Pay allows you to be paid and to pay others based on how much you influence them and how much they influence you.

So, for example, say you’re an earner making $50K per year, and your company is headed by a super earner CEO making $500K per year. Whenever what you write or say reaches your CEO , or anyone else using Open Pay, we track your influence on them and rank it relative to all the other people influencing them within a 2 week pay period. If you’re among the top people influencing your CEO (or anyone on Open Pay), you get a payment based on a percentage of his $500K salary automatically (or a percentage of anyone’s salary you influence on Open Pay). Likewise, people that influence you will receive a payment based on 2% of your salary, provided courtesy of Openyear.

By participating in Open Pay, both you and your CEO gain a reputation for fair play. More people are incetivized to help you with your agenda because they know they’re guaranteed to be rewarded if they are among your top influencers.

If you’re not earning right now, we feel you. After we roll out Open Pay, in the mid-term, we’ll turn our attention to finding ways to minimize your earning down time. In the longer-term, we aim to help facilitate economist Robert Shiller’s concept of Livelihood insurance.

To learn more about Open Pay, follow our storyboard below, watch our video at right, or read our
FAQ for details. Thanks for your support, and have a good year!

Openyear gives 2% of salary to the community

Openyear gives 2% of salary to the community

All earners are gifted with 2% of their salary with which to reward others who influence them.

There’s always more smart people outside your company than inside.

So, both strangers across the web and people inside your company who influence you are rewarded automatically.

Influence and participation levels drive the economic community

Influence and participation levels drive the economic community

What you earn depends on 3 things; 1) who you influence and how much they earn, 2) where you rank among all the people influencing them during the pay period and 3) your level of participation.

At the default 2% level, you can only earn based on a maximum of 2% from the people you influence. So, in the earlier example, if your CEO earned $500K and participated at 10%, he would make $50K available each year to pay people who influence him. But, at the default 2% level, you would only be eligible to receive payments based on 2% , or $10K per year of his pay.

If you or your company chose to match our 2% with 2% of your own, you’d receive payments from him based on 4% or $20K.

Do what yo do

Do what yo do

What influence we’re able to track depends on 3 things; 1) the availability of downloadable Openyear listeners for your laptop, smart phone or other personal digital device 2) how much of your year you allows us to see 3) how much of their year (the people you influence), they allow us to see.

Once you download the listener(s), you just work normally, and do what you do. Openyear’s Open Pay works automatically.

Communication makes influence possible

Communication makes influence possible

Without communication there is no influence. But, more communication doesn’t necessarily equal more, or better influence. It’s all about whether the recipient finds it useful.


Go off the record at anytime with a click

We give you and your company complete control over your year. Close tracking on your year at any time, or indicate what sites or applications you never want influence tracked on with a single click. Delete any or all of your year at any time.

Go on the record at anytime

Go on the record at anytime

Open your year at any time. We’ll keep all of your year, private and secure. Increase your influence and earning opportunities by making your year privately searchable by people in your company, partners or investors, or designate portions as publicly searchable for maximum influence and earning potential.